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Haribol A2 Desi Cow Milk is as appetizing as milk can get. However, to make it even more palatable, especially for children, we have introduced a range of tasteful flavours that will leave the little ones asking for more! Haribol A2 Flavoured Milk has no added colours or artificial flavourings and is served fresh and naturally pure.

HariBol Kesar A2 Milk

  • HariBol Kesar A2 Milk, 200 ml

Haribol Kesar A2 Milk is made with the highest quality Kashmiri Kesar, which is directly added to DNA-tested A2 Milk without preservatives or artificial flavours. Kesar or Saffron is rich in Antioxidants that help improve mood, memory, and learning ability. Crocin and Crocetin compounds found in saffron aid in weight loss and protects brain cells against progressive damage.

  • MRP : ₹120 (US Shipping Available)
  • Ships in: 3 Days
  • Average delivery time: 5 Days

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