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Values That Direct Our Growth & Business


To be the flag-bearers of change that drives the employment of original practices in animal husbandry and agriculture that are naturally steered by good ethics towards the environment.


Is to create an efficient produce-delivery model and give back to the rural communities through a transparent and sustainable model.


An initiative of Govardhan Eco Village

Started in 2017, Haribol is a rural development initiative of Govardhan Eco Village (GEV). Over the past 15 years, GEV has emerged as an award-winning eco-community, creating a unique circular economy model that has been successfully implemented on a micro as well as macro scale.

Spreading over 100 acres, GEV today is making steady progress in diverse fields. GEV has academically researched, scientifically experimented, and successfully implemented a symbiosis of scientific results from both Vedic and modern techniques.

Our aim is to develop farm communities as they present a sustainable way of living which is socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and environmentally friendly.



Gauranga Das

Director, Strategy & Communications

With a Graduate degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the reputed IIT Mumbai, Gauranga Das leads the Govardhan Ecovillage Facilities, Nursery and the Green Buildings Construction(CSEB).

Kushal Desai

Board Member

Kushal Desai is currently Managing Director of Apar Industries Ltd., a leading manufacturer of Specialty Lubricants, Power Transmission Lines and Cables. Under his leadership, Apar has grown to be the 4th largest Transformer oil manufacturer.


Giving back on a Macro Scale

The most crucial link in giving back 100% profits to worthy causes is ensuring its impactful utilization. We achieve this through long-term engagements and tie-ups with well-known entities, which have a stupendous track record of creating a social impact through their outreach and activities Haribol gives back 100% of its profits towards Rural Development and Hunger Eradication through projects of Govardhan Eco Village, Annamrita Foundation (mid-day meal program) and Govardhan Annakshetra (food relief initiative for tribal communities).

Child Care

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Hunger Eradication

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Creating a Micro Impact

The last link in the circular economy model is where it all comes together and creates true value for the original source. With Haribol this means creating an impact in our rural farm communities. Haribol tries to create this impact on multiple levels namely – on economic, health and educational levels.

Economic Impact

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Social & Wellness Impact

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Educational Impact

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