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HariBol A2 Malai Paneer

Soft, Fresh & Loaded with Proteins

Paneer has been widely recommended to fulfill the daily dietary protein and calcium requirements in children and adults alike. At Haribol we believe that our products must supersede expectations not just in terms of nutrition but also in taste. It is for this reason that our Paneer is made with a unique blend of A2 milk and fresh A2 cream that makes it soft, fluffy and rich in nutrients.

HariBol A2 Malai Paneer

  • HariBol A2 Malai Paneer, 200g

Our A2 Malai Paneer is loaded with A2 Beta Casein Proteins, has zero added chemicals and is free from any preservatives. Made from DNA-tested desi cow’s A2 milk, it is 100% natural and made with fresh A2 cream.

  • MRP : ₹150 (US Shipping Available)
  • Ships in: 3 Days
  • Average delivery time: 5 Days

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