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HariBol A2 Dahi

The Natural Probiotic

From references in the historic Rig Veda to being recommended by modern science, Dahi or Curd has been a quintessential part of the traditional Indian cuisine. From Shrikhand in Maharashtra and Gujarat to Mishti Doi in Bengal to Curd Rice in South India; different regions in India have their own signature delicacies made with Dahi.

HariBol A2 Dahi

  • HariBol A2 Dahi, 400g

Haribol A2 Dahi is made from Desi Cow’s A2 Milk and is 100% chemical free. A great source of calcium, Haribol A2 Dahi has a distinctive taste and colour that is unique to desi cow milk that can be enjoyed directly as a side or with any complex preparation.

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