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“Bhojan se Bhajan” – Haribol!

A conscious food brand that brings you the blessings of God and the essence of nature with its range of responsibly grown food products. Its collective effort is to harmonize the entire ecosystem consisting of farmers, agriculture, and cattle. The creation of the product range is based on profound Vedic knowledge and the Satvik principles that highlight – Simple Living and High Thinking!

Haribol is the chant of positivity, synonymous in quality to the pure offering of the Creator!

We bring to our consumers the most natural form of milk from the holy Indian breed of cows – Haribol’s ‘A2 Cow Milk’ directly from the farm communities in Gujarat for whom cow is not just any other animal but a mother.

Keeping away from any middle men, the A2 milk is directly sourced from the farmers, giving them a satisfied price and moreover helping them with the ways to take care of their cows and bulls till their fag ends and during older days too.

We assure the best testing facility and hygienic conditions for the packing of the A2 cow milk. Adhering to the vision and mission of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, the milk is packed in glass bottles, avoiding the usage of plastic or pouches.

The freshness of the milk is the most important factor that makes A2 cow milk, a quality dairy product. It is highly trusted for its natural production- no hormonal injections, no adulteration and no homogenization.

Haribol takes a 360 degree approach from sourcing of the milk to its processing, distribution and collection ultimately bringing to you the nature in its purest form for a quality and healthy life.

About A2 Milk

A2 Cow

Cows that produce A2 type of beta-casein protein in their milk with a proline (a specific amino acid) at number 67 are called A2 cows, i.e the original breeds of cows. The ancient Ayurvedic texts describe the Indian cow-milk as possessing a sweet taste, cooling in nature.

A2 Cow Milk

A2 cow milk is the natural and fresh form of milk derived from the holy Indian breed of cows namely Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar, etc that are tame and time immemorial.

A2 Cow Milk is good for body, mind and soul as it is derived from the desi cows that have higher protein content in their milk. It has numerous health benefits – it is highly nutritive, acts as a tonic for our vital organs, helps in easy digestion and builds immunity. It helps fight diseases, reduce diabetes and cholesterol issues. It is a natural source of carbohydrate and energy.

HariBol A2 Cow Milk

Our A2 milk promotes indigineous cow breeds and empowers cowherd communities. Our cows are kept together with their family, their calves are fully fed and no hormonal injections or any other harm is caused to them.


To subscribe for our milk, kindly pay one time registration fee of 300 along with the quantity and no of days you would like to subscribe for.
Cost of Haribol milk 1/2 ltr is 45Rs.
For example:
Case 1. To subscribe for everyday 1/2 ltr milk for one month, you need to pay one time registration charge of 300 + (30 x 45 Rs) = 1650.
Case 2. To subscribe for alternate days for 2 ltr, you need to pay one time registration charge of 300 + (15 x 180 Rs) = 3000.
If you have requested to stop the delivery for a certain period or on a particular day by prior intimation, the same would be considered in the bill submitted at the end of the month and the balance amount would be carried forward in the next month.
Any difference between the number of bottles delivered and the empty bottles returned would be charged at Rs 25 per bottle.
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